Saturday, May 09, 2009

No One Is Illegal வெளியிட்ட அறிவிப்பு

Saturday, May 9
End the killing in Sri Lanka!
Stop the genocide now!
Rally & march
US Consulate (360 University Ave)
12 noon


On May 2, 2009, following the No One Is Illegal! May Day of Action, nearly 200 protestors made their way to the ongoing rally against the killing of Tamils in Sri Lanka, outside the US Consulate.

Upon arrival, police barred us from joining the anti-genocide demonstration. Horses were called on, people were shoved, organizers beaten and threatened, and two people arrested.

Conditions of war and occupation push people out of their homes making them refugees. Organizers for Migrant Justice stand in solidarity with the people of Tamil Eelam who demand an end to genocide and the displacement of their community. The systematic fragmentation of our struggles will not be tolerated.

No One Is Illegal - Toronto urges all its supporters to join our
contingent. Bring banners, flags, noisemakers and placards.

Organized by
Canadian Federation of Students - Ontario
Canadian Peace Alliance
Toronto Coalition to Stop the War


No One Is Illegal!
May Day of Action

On May 2, 2009, over 2000 community activists, migrants and allies took to the streets.

We occupied the Yonge and Dundas intersection in the heart of downtown Toronto to make visible the non-status people that this sweatshop city wants to hide away.

We dropped 50 foot banners that read 'No One Is Illegal' and 'Stop the Raids' to make clear that migrants, with or without status, working people and the poor will not be criminalized.

We went to the gates of City Hall dropping massive banners at its doors to insist that Toronto, Ontario and Canada cannot ignore us.

School by school, college by college, hospital by hospital, shelter by shelter, food bank by food bank - one after the other we are going to liberate our homes, our workplaces and our communities. We will make them sanctuaries for all residents. If the powerful few will not let us in to their house of decisions, we will change the decisions where they are put in to practice.

If divided in to small communities and single-interest groups we are powerless in the face of organized attack. When united with clear demands, we know that we can fight back and win.

No One Is Illegal-Toronto urges all people to imagine a sanctuary city and to continue the process of building it - a city that does not participate in war and occupation, a city that does not detain and deport people, a city without 'disposable' labour, a green city with good jobs, a city that is not racist, not sexist or homophobic, not ableist and not anti-poor.

In the year ahead, we look to launch the Stop the Raids! Campaign (June 6), bar immigration enforcement from all anti-violence against women spaces, mobilize to get access to post-secondary education and health care, organize against the 2010 Winter Olympics (Feb 2010) and the G8 Leaders Summit (Jun 2010), fight in defense of indigenous sovereignty and build towards a Day of Action on May 1, 2010. Join us!


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